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NOVELLE PURE COTTON Fabric  100% Cotton Lavera Design Duvet 5pieces set Size 4 1/2 x 6 Feet 5pcs Queen Comforter consisting of : 1pc  Queen Comforter/Duvet 1pc Queen Fitted bedsheet 2pc Pillow case   1pc Bolster case    Packaging Detail: PVC Bag + Insert Card 1 Set packed Manufactured in Malaysia 5pc Queen Fitted Set + Queen Comforterconsisting of :1pc Queen Fitted: (152cm x 190cm x 20cm)1pc Queen Comforter: (200cm x 230cm)2pc Pillow case : (50cm x 80cm)1pc Bolster case : (42cm x 107cm)   ================  Manufactured in Malaysia 5pc King Fitted Set + King Comforter consisting of: 1pc King Fitted: (183cm x 190cm x 20cm) 1pc King Comforter: (240cm x 228cm)2pc Pillow case : (50cm x 80cm) 1pc Bolster case : (42cm x 107cm)   =================== Size 6ft x 7ft 5pc Super King Fitted Set consisting of : 1pc Supper King Fitted Bedsheet1pc King Comforter/Duvet2pc Pillow case 1pc Bolster case  1pc Super/King Fitted: (190cm x 213cm x 20cm 1pc King Comforter: (240cm x 228cm) 2pc Pillow case : (50cm x 80cm) 1pc Bolster case : (42cm x 107cm)  Packaging Detail: PVC Bag + Insert Card 1 Set packed